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Company services

Issuance of residence permits

Issuing a Resident Identity Card (Iqama) to workers so that they can perform their jobs to the fullest

Renewal of contracts

Renewal of contracts (expired or about to expire) for labor

Renewal of labor passports

Renewing passports for domestic workers to perform their jobs


Provide translators of Kenyan, Ugandan, and Filipino nationalities (Kenyan, Ugandan, Filipino)

Labor Contract Insurance

The company works in partnership with insurance companies to secure labor contracts after the end of the warranty period
We are known to work with multiple countries

Recruitment countries


Recruiting domestic and skilled workers from multiple countries

We are characterized by multidisciplinarity

Professions we recruit for

Steps to Recruiting Domestic Workers

To apply for a recruitment visa, please follow the steps below:

Register a new account

The ID number will be verified through Absher, the services of the Ministry of Interior, so be sure to register with Absher services beforehand, and for more details you can visit Absher services on the Ministry of Interior website:

  • Fill out the basic information registration form
    • National ID number for citizens or residency for residents
    • First name
    • Family name
    • Date of Birth (Hijri)
    • Mobile number

After registering the basic information, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone containing the Musaned activation code. Enter the activation code to fill out the form to register an account in Musaned.

  • Fill out the account registration form
    • Password: Choose a password that contains letters, numbers and symbols
    • Confirm the password: Return the chosen password
    • Mobile number: Mobile number registered in Absher
    • Email: To activate your Musaned account


  • Click on the My Account button at the top left of the page 
  • Press the control panel button
  • Click on Visas from the menu on the right side of the page
  • Click on the "Domestic Worker Visa Services" button
  • Click on the "Request a Visa" button
  • Ensuring readiness
    • Has the fee for the visa been paid? (2000 Riyals)
    • Are you registered with the Social Insurance Organization?
    • Employment status: Depending on proof of financial capability
    • Type of proof of financial capability: Salary verification from the private or governmental sector, or bank statement, depending on the number of visas allowed
  • Visa Information
    • Profession: Choose an occupation for your domestic worker
    • Nationality: Choose the nationality of your domestic worker
    • Arrival destination: Select your destination by country
    • Note: Please make sure your occupation and nationality are correct before confirming
  • Agree to pledge and acknowledge the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
  • Invoice for the visa fee and pay the invoice (SAR 172.5)

If submitted, you will be notified of the status of your application within one business day via mobile number

  1. Log in to Musaned
  2. New contract request
    • Click on the My Account button at the top left of the page 
    • Press the Control Panel button
    • Select Contracts on the right-hand side of the page
    • New contract request
  3. Select the occupation, nationality and destination of the worker to be recruited
  4. Once you proceed to the next page, you will be notified that you want to add domestic workers' contract insurance "Please select Yes".
  5. Communicate with the accounting department to finalize the contract request through the office e-services in Musaned portal and issue the recruitment invoice
  1. Visa issuance
  2. Log in to Masaand portal
    • Click on the My Account button at the top left of the page 
    • Press the profile button
    • Fill in all the required information
    • Press the Save button
  3. Selecting a CV through the website(Recruiting Domestic Workers - Recruiting Drivers)
  4. Communicate with the accounting department to finalize the contract request through the company's e-services in Musaned portal and issue the recruitment invoice
  5. Pay the bill within 24 hours

Steps to secure a contract for a worker currently in Saudi Arabia

  1. Access the link of ASIG Insurance Company via the following link
  2. Register a new account and fill in the required information on the client
  3. After completing the registration, please log in via the following link
  4. Manage your account, add your personal email address and change your password
  5. Log out and then log in again 
  6. Secure a domestic labor contract
  7. Filling in the required information about the client and the domestic worker
  8. Choosing Single Party (Client) Insurance
  9. Determine the right coverage expenses for you if the worker travels and is replaced
  10.  Next, then pay the indicated fees through digital payment channels or SADAD

Frequently asked questions

The types of domestic labor recruitment available are recruitment by preference (recruitment by specification), pre-determined recruitment (specific), recruitment by hire (leasing), and recruitment by transfer of services (assignment).

If your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) is issued by participating banks (SABB Bank, Riyad Bank, Emirates NBD, Jazira Bank, Investment Bank) and the bank supports the installment feature for the selected contract price, you will be able to choose the installment service as the payment method when making the payment

No, recruitment fees or any fees related to the contract application are done through Musaned platform only.

The recruitment office is responsible for the worker it brokered the recruitment of for a period of (90 days); starting from the date of his arrival in the Kingdom; in the following cases:

  1. The worker's failure to fully or partially fulfill his duties in accordance with the labor contract concluded with him for a reason not attributable to the first party.
  2. Absenteeism.
  3. Lack of worker qualifications.
  4. The worker suffers from an illness that prevents him from performing his work.
  5. The reports of the medical and security examinations that were conducted on the worker proved to be invalid.

The first party's liability for the worker is limited to bearing the costs of returning the worker to his country or transferring the worker's services to another sponsor and returning the recruitment cost to the client, minus the amount of time the worker has spent at work according to the following formula:
(total recruitment cost ÷ duration of the worker's work contract in months) x the remaining duration of the worker's work contract in months.

Yes, it is possible to insure labor contracts after the warranty period (90 days) through insurance companies that offer a domestic labor contract insurance system. Example: United Cooperative Insurance Group (ACIG)

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